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Amanda Jordan, a Prescriptive Aromatherapist and Swedish Masseuse is offering clients a full range of body treatments in a relaxed ambience. There are many medical and therapeutic benefits in undergoing the various treatments on offer these are discussed in more detail throughout this website. We invite you to peruse all the treatments and their respective benefits which Amanda is offering here.


Amanda is a member of the British Register of Complimentary Practitioners using her skills to cover a very wide range of symptoms to induce the healing mechanism of the body and mind. Her hands-on skills using selected Essential Oils bring natural healing to young and older individuals. These natural oils are extremely effective and supportive, helping to alleviate a host of conditions like arthritic joint pain, muscular tension and emotional stress.


Amanda is available to offer appointments at the Hen House in Kingsbridge, South Devon.


Aromatherapy treatment combines the relaxing powers of touch and massage with the sensitive smell of oils, blending with their healing properties, which filter into the emotional centre of the brain and throughout our bodies. This amalgamation can assist in calming the nervous system effecting our reaction to Stress.


Essential oils are freely absorbed through the skin and whenever they are used in massage, skin preparations, compresses, baths, a certain amount of the oil is inhaled. The aroma alone has a subtle but real effect on the mind as well as the body. Some of the oil will be absorbed by the lungs which then enters the blood stream. Essential Oils are always added to a suitable carrier oil. Aromatherapy encompasses the whole person; body, mind and spirit.


Massage promotes a feeling of equilibrium and is especially used for postural alignment and sports performance. Today our modern world demands so much from us, resulting in physical and emotional stress, however, massage is a proven way to retrieve a sense of balance and helps relieve anxiety

Holistic Massage is just one of many tools used in complementary medicine. The benefits reaching physical, mental and spiritual levels although the most important effect is the degree of relaxation experienced after a massage. A feeling of energising and well being is felt for a considerable time after a treatment.

The benefits of massage are varied and deep. It can assist in the relief and prevention of chronic pain, lowered vitality, recurring infections as well as easing conditions such as migraines, digestive disorders and hypertension.

Essential Oils

Amanda uses a great variety of Essential, Macerated and Infused Oils which help in the treatment of various conditions.


The oils are the finest of their type supplied by the prestigious G Baldwin & Co and include:-


Lavender, Rosehip, St John’s Wort, Geranium

Bergamot, Margarom, Rosemary and Cedarwood Atlas


You can visit our Essential Oils section which describes some of the oils used along with their benefits and conditions which each oil is used to treat.

Book your Treatment

You can book an appointment with Amanda for Consultations with initial treatment and for Full Body Treatments.


You can arrange an appointment with Amanda using the details on the Contact Us Page and also through the Hen House, Kingsbridge.


Please click on the button below for all Amanda’s contact details.

Essential Oils.

The Treatments

The treatments can be for just some indulgent pampering leaving you so relaxed with a feeling of great well-being. They can also treat a variety of medical conditions and a full consultation is done at the first session along with the treatment. There are three main treatments:-


AROMATHERAPY - Full Body Treatment


With Essential Oils for healing


Practised selection of oils to induce relaxation, increase energy, effectively reducing stress, emotional tension and body weariness.


SWEDISH MASSAGE - Full Body Treatment


Using Swedish Massage techniques


Applying professional skills to help the body to encourage lymphatic flow, stimulate surface circulation, dispense toxins and dissolve muscular tension.


REMEDIAL MASSAGE - Full Body Treatment


Hands on therapy with specific treatment and oils chosen to aid a variety of medical conditions.





Please visit my Treatments page for full details of every treatment along with the full range of benefits and conditions they are suitable for treating.

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Foot Reflexology

Amanda is now offering Reflexology Treatments. Foot Reflexology treatments help stimulate your body’s own natural healing and is useful in treating Stress, Anxiety and a variety of medical conditions.


You can read more details about Reflexology and the treatments she offers on the Treatments page by clicking on the link or Button below. Reflexology Treatments


Diet and Nutrition Advisor

Amanda is now offering a Diet and Nutrition advice and treatment service helping you to achieve an all round healthy diet which fits in with your lifestyle. A Diet and Nutrition consultation also helps with the requirements of special dietary needs and in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions.


Please visit the Nutrition page for full details.