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Skimpy and Skipping Meals

Skimpy meals, crash dieting and skipping meals are not an effective way of maintaining successful weight control. The body mechanism senses it is being starved and lowers its BMR to maintain its energy and fat reserves, so reducing the effective way in which calories are burnt. If carbohydrates are cut out from the body this causes sodium levels to deplete causing water to be eliminated form the body, glucose is lost through this process. This causes low blood sugar which then leads to low levels of energy, dizziness and fatigue. Causing the BMR to decrease even more reducing the amount of calories needed for fuel.


Another important factor is that glycogen controls the appetite so insufficient glycogen will give extreme sensations of hunger. The nervous system is activated when glucose levels fall giving rise to the bodies tendency to binge, this is not a weakness but the way in which overeating compensates for the body feeling starved.


So we can conclude that weight loss should be gradual combined with a sensible eating regime - including complex carbohydrates, regular exercise to increase the BMR which then will lead to effective burning of calories.